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Comparative analysis of Cu(InGa)Se2 solar cells




Counts, Kahl, author
Sites, James, advisor
Sampath, W. S., committee member
de la Venta, Jose, committee member

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Cu(InGa)Se2, often abbreviated CIGS, photovoltaics have proven to be a commercially viable solar-energy conversion technology. Diverse processes have been employed in the manufacture, with varying end products, most resulting in high efficiency. A collaborative project was undertaken with several CIGS labs and industrial partners to explore the different electrical and spatial characteristics of CIGS solar cells relative to one another. Characterization methods utilized include, current-voltage measurements, quantum efficiency, capacitance-frequency and capacitance-voltage, electroluminescence, light-beam-induced current and Auger profling. Specific parameters for each cell were extracted from the measurements. Together the methods used are a tool for understanding device performance and optimization. Efforts were made to identify strengths, similarities and differences and to connect processing details with observed characteristics.


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