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Analytical determination of soil C dynamics = Détermination analytique de la dynamique du carbone du sol




Haile-Mariam, Shawel, author
Collins, Harold P., author
Paul, Eldor A., author
[ISSS-AISS-IBG-SICS], publisher

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The significance and possible management of soil organic C (SOC) in ecosystem functioning, global change and sustainable agriculture is best determined through a knowledge of its dynamics. This requires analytically determined measurements of SOC pool sizes and flux rates. The amount and quality of plant residues inputs, biotic activity, site characteristics and management are reflected in the size of the pools and their turnover rates. Some constituents are decomposed during periods of weeks; some persist for centuries and millenia. Fractionation of the soil and the use of tracers such as 14C and 13C makes possible the determination of the dynamics of the pools involved such that more meaningful estimates of the role of SOC in the many functions in which it plays a role can be calculated.


Invitational oral presentation given at the 16th World Congress of Soil Science, Montpellier, France 20-26 August, 1998.
Scientific registration n°: 301, Symposium n°: 7, Presentation: oral - invit.

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