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Mapping of subtasks with multiple versions in a heterogeneous ad hoc grid environment




Velazco, Jose, author
Sugavanam, Prasanna, author
Sridharan, Jayashree, author
Sousa, J., author
Sendek, David, author
Satyasekaran, Praveen, author
Pichumani, Prakash, author
Penumarthy, Prashanth, author
Kutruff, Andrew,, author
Dussinger, Steve, author

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An ad hoc grid is a heterogeneous computing system composed of mobile devices. The problem studied here is to statically assign resources to the subtasks of an application, which has an execution time constraint, when the resources are oversubscribed. Each subtask has a preferred version, and a secondary version that uses fewer resources. The goal is to assign resources so that the application meets its execution time constraint while minimizing the number of secondary versions used. Five resource allocation heuristics to derive near-optimal solutions to this problem are presented and evaluated.


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ad hoc grid
communication scheduling
resource allocation
task scheduling


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