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Mapping basic writing "frontiers"




Turner, Rhonda Jean, author
Frank, Katherine P., advisor
Souder, Donna M., committee member
Ribadeneira, Alegria, committee member

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This thesis will argue that there is a gap between the Basic Writing pedagogies of Min Zhan Lu and Mina P. Shaughnessy manifesting itself at the discourse site between the language of home and the language of school. This gap, it will be argued, develops from the conflicting expectations of both teachers and students created by past experiences in the classroom and a perception of belongingness based on group "membership." Further, it will be asserted that many Basic Writing students must face personal fears created by perceptions of past academic failures and a pre-determined sense of not belonging in the classroom in order to hear and respond to those conflicting expectations using their own voices. Teachers may be able to help students face these fears by disrupting the students' preconceived conceptions of the Basic Writing classroom. This thesis will attempt to show that one possible means of disruption is creating an "untraditional" classroom environment using a multigenre format.


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Lu, Min Zhan
basic writing
Shaughnessy, Mina P.
social justice
Romano, Tom


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