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Foundations of early planning in Down syndrome




Will, Elizabeth Anne, author
Fidler, Deborah, advisor
Daunhauer, Lisa, committee member
Coatsworth, James Doug, committee member
Henry, Kimberly, committee member

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Goal-directed behavior, or planning is critical for academic and daily outcomes, and an area of distinct challenge in Down syndrome. This study examined early foundations of object-related planning in toddlers (N=38) with Down syndrome. Motor abilities, visual attention, and motor cognition were tested as predictors of two planning outcomes in DS: object-related problem solving and functional object use. In addition, a potential developmental cascade from motor abilities to object-related problem solving was also tested. Results revealed that motor abilities are an important developmental foundation for both types of object-related planning outcomes. Results also revealed differences in the contribution of visual attention and motor cognition to object-related planning outcomes. Findings also provided support for a potential developmental cascade between motor abilities and planning outcomes. Collective results from this study contribute to the understanding of early development within Down syndrome, and therefore provide implications for the development of early, targeted intervention.


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