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An observational study of summer surface wind flow over northeast Colorado


Analysis of summer surface winds over northeast Colorado, using data from the Program for Regional Observing and Forecasting Services (PROFS), has been carried out to investigate the diurnal wind flow pattern over the broad drainage area of the South Platte River. The pattern, similar to the classic descriptions of valley wind flows, appears in monthly averages as well as on most individual days. Unique features of the flow are documented, in particular the upslope/downslope transitions which begin near the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and propagate eastward. Previous conceptual models of the afternoon and evening wind flow over northeast Colorado are verified. The afternoon upslope flow is often responsible for enhanced convective cloud cover in preferred locations during the summer. It is suggested that the development of moist convection modifies the diurnal flow and contributes to the late afternoon and early and evening transition to downslope flow. This study has pointed out the need for further investigations of this problem.


November 1983.

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Boundary layer (Meteorology)
Atmospheric circulation -- Colorado
Weather -- Effect of mountains on


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