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Systems engineering assessment and experimental evaluation of quality paradigms in high-mix low-volume manufacturing environments


This research aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of applying industrial paradigm application in high-mix low-volume manufacturing (HMLV) environments using a Systems Engineering approach. An analysis of existing industrial paradigms was conducted and then compared to a needs analysis for a specific HMLV manufacturer. Several experiments were selected for experimental evaluation, inspired by the paradigms, in a real-world HMLV manufacturing setting. The results of this research showed that a holistic approach to paradigm application is essential for achieving optimal performance, based on cost advantage, throughput, and flexibility, in the HMLV manufacturing environment. The findings of this research study provide insights into the importance of considering the entire manufacturing system, including both technical and human factors, when evaluating the effectiveness of industrial paradigms. Additionally, this research highlights the importance of considering the unique characteristics of HMLV manufacturing environments, such as the high degree of variability and frequent changes in product mix in designing manufacturing systems. Overall, this research demonstrates the value of a systems engineering approach in evaluating and implementing industrial paradigms in HMLV manufacturing environments. The results of this research provide a foundation for future research in this field and can be used to guide organizations in making informed decisions about production management practices in HMLV manufacturing environments.


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industrial paradigms
systems engineering
high-mix low-volume
process flow


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