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Evaluation of SAMSON for use in a South Platte decision support system




Raymond, John H., author
Garcia, Luis Alfredo, author
Lange, Robert, author
Altennhofen, Jon, author
Bennet, Ray, author
Hall, James R., author
Leaf, Forest, author
Odor, Jack, author
Colorado Water Resources Research Institute, publisher

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The South Platte River basin is a tributary of the Missouri River. Three states share the basin (Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming), with most of the basin in Colorado (79 percent). Colorado's population has been growing rapidly, especially in Front-Range cities, increasing the demand on water resources in the basin. Highly productive plains agriculture is also a substantial user of water resources and new uses also can be expected for wildlife and recreation. A decision support system (DSS) is being planned by the State of Colorado for water management in South Platte River Basin. Anticipated needs of the system include data development and some model development specific to the South Platte. Due to the unique characteristics of the South Platte River Basin, the implementation of this framework is expected to be slightly different from other basins in Colorado. The SAMSON (Stream-Aquifer Model for Management by SimulatiON) Model, developed in the 1980s specifically for the South Platte River Basin, has been recommended by past studies for use in a South Platte DSS. This report provides and analysis of the current SAMSON model. The conclusions of this report recommend that SAMSON in its present form not be used as part of a DSS, largely due to recent developments in modeling philosophy, application, and use. SAMSON proved the entire South Platte River Basin system could be effectively modeled, and pointed to the priorities for data collection and development. Components of SAMSON could be part of future DSS systems, but they should be separated into individual modules and evaluated individually against existing models. In summary, the analysis of SAMSON clearly show the need for a modular and data-centered approach for a South Platte DSS.


December 1996.

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SAMSON (Computer program) -- Evaluation
Watershed management -- South Platte River Valley (Colo. and Neb.)
Decision support systems -- Evaluation


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