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Participatory mapping in Papua New Guinea




Hoover, Jamie D., author

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This record contains supplemental material associated with a participatory mapping project conducted in Papua New Guinea in 2014, including: a summary of the village history, tribal structure, structured and unstructured interviews, and participatory mapping activities discussed in 2011; an overview of other participatory mapping activities conducted in 2014 and some reflections on aspects of the process; questions and scenarios used for the social and environmental impacts workshop; and two videos documenting the project.
Youtube video link for livelihood video made by village: Kamiali Lifestyle Video (English)
Youtube video link on how the participatory video was created: Kamiali Lifestyle Video (English)


ZIP file includes a reflection document with supporting materials and a readme file.

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participatory mapping
Papua New Guinea
climate change


Associated Publications

Laituri, M., Luizza, M., Hoover, J., Allegretti, A. Questioning the practice of participation: Critical reflections on participatory mapping as a research tool. Applied Geography (in review, submitted July 2022)
Hoover, J.D., Leisz, S.J., Laituri M.E. (2017) Comparing and Combining Landsat Satellite Imagery and Participatory Data to Assess Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes in a Coastal Village in Papua New Guinea. Human Ecology 45:251-264.
Hoover, Jamie Deanne, Modeling plant hotspots in New Guinea and village-scale land change dynamics in Papua New Guinea. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation), Colorado State University, 2016.