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Automatically detecting task unrelated thoughts during conversations using keystroke analysis




Kuvar, Vishal Kiran, author
Blanchard, Nathaniel, advisor
Mills, Caitlin, advisor
Ben-Hur, Asa, committee member
Zhou, Wen, committee member

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Task-unrelated thought (TUT), commonly known as the phenomenon of daydreaming or zoning- out, is a mental state where a person's attention moves away from the task-at-hand to self-generated thoughts. This state is extremely common yet not much is known about it during dyadic interactions. We built a model to detect when a person experiences TUTs while talking to another person through a chat platform, by analyzing their keystroke patterns. This model was able to differentiate between task-unrelated thoughts and task-related thoughts with a kappa of 0.343. This serves as a strong indicator that typing behavior is linked with mental states, task-unrelated thoughts in our case.


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mind wandering
affective computing
task unrelated thought
machine learning


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