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The economic value of whitewater sports in the Cache la Poudre Canyon, Colorado




McTernan, James A., author
Loomis, John B., advisor
Goemans, Christopher G., committee member
Shields, Martin, committee member

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This thesis estimates the non-market benefits associated with non-commercial Whitewater Sports in the Poudre Canyon of the Cache la Poudre River. We used a Contingent Valuation Model (CVM) and a Travel Cost Model (TCM) to estimate benefits to all non-commercial users at two different river locations. Using CVM, we found the consumer surplus estimates to be between $55.36 and $93.36 per trip, depending on the model specification. This equates to a per season consumer surplus of between $596,283 and $1,005,581 for a 30 day season and between $1,192,620 and $1,917,894 for a 60 day season. For the TCM, consumer surplus was estimated at either $88.01 or $129.41 depending on the specification. This equates to ranges of per season consumer surplus of $947,956 and $1,393,875 respectively for a 30 day season and $1,895,999 and $2,787,880 respectively for a 60 day season.


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non-market valuation
Whitewater Sports


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