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Honor, la honra y la Iglesia, El: el caso de la opresión de las mujeres castellanas de los siglos XII y XIII




Alvarado Xospa, Courtney Milia, author
del Mar López-Cabrales, Maria, advisor
Purdy, Andrea, committee member
DeMirjyn, Maricela, committee member

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One cannot underestimate the impact that the 12th and 13th centuries had on the Castilian women of that time, and those of the future. Already considered dangerous and as a source of wickedness, various changes and events during those same centuries subjugated them even more. Under patriarchal and ecclesiastic control, women were immobilized without the possibility of being liberated until many centuries after. Within the changes and events that supplemented this oppression, those that stand out are the consolidation of the canonical judicial texts, the strengthening of the Church's power, the conversion of marriage into a sacrament, and the peak of Marianism. As slaves within their gender roles and the chastity honor code, created and maintained by the Castilian Monarch and the Catholic Church, married women lived in a discouraging world. It's time to shed light on their case and the forces that oppressed them to reveal the processes that managed to dominate them.


Text in Spanish; title page and abstract in Spanish and English.

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