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Greene, Jeremy A., artist

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The artist's statement: I paint beautiful things for people to look at. The world is too dull a place, and I am bringing a level of excitement to the table that is unparalleled by any computer or the idea of mass production. My paintings are best viewed as a whole from a distance, however, at a close range they come to life with activity. This creates an imbalance in the force and truly reflects how I see the world. It is also very confusing to look at, so I ask that the pieces be viewed from about 10' away, and again from about 1' or 2'. After both have been done you will understand. In my painting career, which has spanned over a decade now, I have been painting in a way that brings humor to the heart. There are strange things going on in my work, but that's the only hint you get. I make the work I do for therapeutic reasons: to keep myself from freaking out. In a world where everything is confusing to me, painting is a way for me to capture what I might have lost. I am capturing contemporary life and eschewing it in a way that brings traditional methods of making art into a new light. I use color to convey the deep emotions that my paintings express. I entangle my subject matter in a paradoxical way with the bright colors I use, making a statement on the fucked up world we live in. Pink is my most frequently used color, and that's funny to me due to the fact that it makes most uncomfortable. I expect my viewers to fall in love with my work or be bothered by it, due to the areas of intense activity. My work makes love to your mind in ways that can't be understood. My canvases are even built in a haphazard way, which helps in portraying the message that you are seeing a glimpse of time through the eyes of a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury. I build my canvases quickly so that I do not forget my idea; I paint quickly for the same reason. I also work on surfaces I find, which is perfect for instant expression.


Colorado State University Art Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, and images of works.

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