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Working with the Front Range Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project to develop tools to monitor forest spatial patterns




Dickinson, Yvette, speaker
Pelz, Kristen, speaker

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Federally-funded Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration projects (CFLRPs) in Colorado are required to collectively monitor progress towards spatially explicit, landscape-scale, forest restoration goals. However, methods for evaluating these long-term projects have not been developed. This seminar will summarize the process of, and our progress towards, developing monitoring tools with Front Range CFLRP stakeholders. We will first present tools developed to monitor change in forest canopy cover at the stand scale. We will then discuss progress towards monitoring changes in forest at the landscape scale.


Presented at the Spring 2013 Center for Collaborative Conservation ( Seminar and Discussion Series, "Collaborative Conservation in Practice: Innovations in Communities around the World", May 7, 2013, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. This series focused on the work that the CCC's Collaborative Conservation Fellows have been doing across the Western U.S. and around the world.
Kristen Pelz is a Ph.D. student in Forest and Rangeland Stewardship and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, CSU and a Cohort Four CCC Graduate Student Fellow. Her Ph.D. research focuses on forest dynamics and management following mountain pine beetle‐caused mortality. Kristen has a M.S. in Forest Science from CSU (2011) and a B.A. in Geography and Environmental Studies from Middlebury College (2006).
Includes recorded speech and PowerPoint presentation.

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forest spatial pattern monitoring problem
forest management policy
Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Act
forest structure


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