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Effect of topical diclofenac 0.1% ophthalmic solution on tear production in normal research beagles when administered SID, BID, TID & QID for 5 days




Colussi, J. A., author
Henriksen, Md. L, author
Martabano, B. B., author
Sharp, J. L., author
Wang, Zeke, author
Lappin, M. R., author

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Purpose. Topical Diclofenac is commonly used for ocular inflammatory diseases in veterinary ophthalmology but no studies have examined the effect of this drug on tear production in dogs. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of topical Diclofenac on tear production in normal dogs when administered SID, BID, TID, and QID for a 5 day period. Methods. A prospective study with eight normal research beagles. The study consisted of 4x5-day studies where dogs received one drop of topical diclofenac sodium 0.1% ophthalmic solution (Alcon, Fort Worth, TX) to OD-test and one drop of eye wash to OS-control using SID, BID, TID, and QID frequencies with a 16-day washout period between each study. A complete ophthalmic examination was performed including Schirmer’s tear test-I (STT-I) and fluorescein stain the day before each study started (Day-0) and on the last day of each study (Day-5). A linear mixed-effects-model was used to compare tear production (STT-I) between OD-test and OS-control and the four different frequencies. P<0.05 was deemed significant. Results. All dogs in all four studies had a normal ophthalmic examination with no fluorescein stain uptake on Day-0 and Day-5. STT-I mean ± SD values for all four studies: OD-test Day-5 21 ± 3.3mm/min, OS-control Day-5 20 ± 2.2mm/min. There were no significant differences between STT-I OD-test versus OS-control and treatment frequencies (p=0.927). Conclusion. Topical Diclofenac does not appear to have an effect on tear production or cause corneal ulcerations when administered up to four times a day in normal dogs. Funded in part by the Center for Companion Animal Studies Young Investigator Grant program. None.


CSU Ophthalmology.

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tear production
Schirmer's tear test-I


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