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Essential conservations: using collaborations with farmers to build strong conservation




Mangan, Anna, author

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Agriculture is a leading driver of land use change. Although increased production is necessary to provide food and fiber to more than seven billion people worldwide, the conversion of natural lands to agriculture is associated with habitat loss, increased pesticide use and soil erosion. Habitat loss and degradation has fostered global declines in many bird species, raising concerns as birds provide important and sometimes irreplaceable functional roles in ecosystems. Identifying how to enhance both bird habitat and food security is a priority, yet our understanding of what birds contribute to agroecosystems is relatively poor. Research is needed to advance our understanding of species interactions and identify opportunities to achieve conservation objectives through sustainable agriculture.


Presented at the Spring 2015 Center for Collaborative Conservation ( Seminar and Discussion Series highlights the work of the Cohort 6 Fellows. Series Spring 2015 presents: Anna Mangan, January 27, 2015, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.
Anna Mangan is a Master's student at Colorado State University in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology and a CCC Cohort 6 Fellow. She is working with Dr. Liba Pejchar of the Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Department and with Dr. Scott Werner of the USDA's National Wildlife Research Center where Anna is a Biological Sciences Technician. Her research is a collaborative effort with these mentors.
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