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Sculptural forms in metal




Molliconi, Michael Alan, author
Berland, John C., advisor
Wassell, Harold J., committee member
Crocker, David A., committee member
Kendry, Kenneth A., committee member

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The concern of this thesis is with the creation of sculptural forms expressing the synthesis of organic and geometric silhouettes. The thesis work is centered on arrangements of silhouetted shapes as abstracted from my observed environment, employing these shapes as either "positive" mass or "negative" void. Abstraction of the elements is necessary to remove recognizable imagery in order to perceive the simultaneous occurrence of the shapes. The arrangements explore the crispness of the geometric forms in juxtaposition to the softness of the organic forms, synthesizing both into a logical whole. Through the cantilevering and balancing of the planes, an effort is made to exert a sense of dynamism on the composite of forms. This dynamism vitalizes the passive synchronous occurrence of the silhouettes as they exist in the environment. The final sculptural statements are expressions of my compositional attitudes concerning both natural formations and man-made structures. My perception of inanimate gestural qualities in these existing shapes, dictates the overall composition in an attempt to impose my personal sense of order to the seemingly random co-existence of the two contrasting elements in the environment.


Zip file contains 9 slides of artist's works.

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Metal sculpture


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