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Hermes - scalable real-time BGP broker with routing streams integration




Belyaev, Kirill Alexandrovich, author
Massey, Daniel F., advisor
Papadopoulos, Christos, committee member
Pallickara, Shrideep, committee member
Hayne, Stephen C., committee member

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BGP is the de facto inter-domain routing protocol of Internet and understanding BGP is critically important for current Internet research and operations. Current Internet research is heavily dependent upon the availability of reliable up-to-date BGP data sources and often evaluated using data drawn from the operational Internet. The BGP real data supports a wide range of efforts ranging from understanding the Internet topology to building more accurate simulations for network protocols. To study and address the Internet research challenges, accessible BGP data is needed. Fortunately a number of BGP monitoring projects have been deployed for BGP data provision. However experience over a number of years has also indicated some major limitations in the current BGP data collection model with the most dramatic one being the inability to deliver real-time data and incapability to process and analyze this data fast enough in a flexible and efficient manner. This thesis presents the design and implementation of the new tool for analyzing BGP routing data in real-time - Hermes BGP Broker. Hermes is build upon the solid foundation of the related project - BGPmon [CSU] that is the BGP aggregation and monitoring platform that uses a publish/subscribe overlay network to provide real-time access to vast numbers of peers and clients. All routing events are consolidated into a single XML stream. XML allows to add additional features such as labeling updates to allow easy identification of useful data by clients and other related data structuring. Hermes as the Broker for BGPmon represents the next generation of route monitoring and analysis tools that bring routing data to the level of end-user applications. The main contribution of this thesis is the design and implementation of a new BGP route analysis platform that can be extensively used both in research and operational communities. Our work on Hermes has delivered the system that is able to analyze continuous XML data stream of BGP updates in real time and select non-duplicate messages that correspond to the specified regular expression pattern. Besides effective filtering mechanism Hermes is capable to scale really well with a large number of concurrent stream subscribers. Its performance under intensive benchmarking has been evaluated and estimated to be suitable for real-world deployment under heavy load with a large number of concurrent clients. The system is also able to distribute the filtering computations among a number of nodes and form Hermes data stream meshes of various topologies.


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BGP routing
XML streaming database platform


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