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Departures, arrivals, and places in-between: a collection of travel essays




Gonzalez, Caleb L., author
Thompson, Deborah, advisor
Doe, Sue, committee member
Leal, Francisco, committee member

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A collection of sixteen travel essays, this creative nonfiction master's thesis explores what it means to claim and reclaim one's identity by traveling within and across borders. Situated in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, the thesis uses nonfiction forms including travel essays, personal reflections, braided essays, collage essays, literary journalism, autoethnographic writing, and flash nonfiction, to both explore and complicate the plurality of identity within the larger contexts of family history, cultural heritage, bilingualism, language relations, political tensions, social tensions, and globalization. The collection relies on a historical situatedness of food, language, culture, and immigration to examine what it means to internally identify with more than one place. One major theme of this collection is the question of what happens when a person's identity, through language and history, is caught between multiple landscapes.


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