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Dispatches from an anxious mind




DeJong, Joel D., author
Calderazzo, John, advisor
Becker, Leslee, committee member
Diffrient, Scott, committee member

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This collection of essays examines a variety of topics, ranging from popular culture to religion and mortality. Essays include "Act Like You Care," in which the narrator wrestles with how to behave in the context of helping someone change a car tire. "The Screaming Peach" reflects on the curious world of body waxing and what it says about our culture. An awkward childhood lesson in Christian engagement with the secular world is the subject of "Discernment." "Fear and Self-Loathing in the Mountain West" chronicles the narrator's irrational impulse to purchase a gun. In "Waders," a fly fishing guide contemplates his own mortality in light of the old men he guides on the river.


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