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Relationships between motivational, demographic, and academic variables and course grade in developmental mathematics among students at North Central State College




Culver, Tim, author
Strathe, Marlene, advisor
Gloeckner, Gene W., committee member
Low, Lana, committee member
Engle, Terry, committee member

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To assist North Central State College with the identification of students who are not likely to receive a grade of A, B, or C in their Pre-Algebra course, a regression equation was developed. The variables used in the analysis were representative of previous academic performance, depth and breadth of developmental education needs, recency of math education, motivational scores from the College Student Inventory Form B™ (CSI-B), and self-reported demographic data such as the number of hours planned to work. The overall accuracy of the success prediction, both yes and no, would have been 62% had the model been used with the students in the historical sample. This was supported by a logistic regression model which produced similar results. The development of student success plans based upon the model at the individual and section levels, implementation of other assessments to learn more about the relationships between self-efficacy, resilience and grit, and a review of the Mathway for each major provided the College with implications for advising and student success practices. Implications for future research included the addition of other variables, further study of males to determine variables that matter most to their success prediction, and determination of the value of other motivational assessments like Grit Scales and their associations to course grade.


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course success
developmental math


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