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Dispelling domestic violence myths among graduate social work students




Wootan Merkling, Ariel, author
Quijano, Louise, advisor
Orsi, Rebecca, committee member
Kuk, Linda, committee member

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Numerous studies have found that graduate social work students are not adequately prepared to provide appropriate services and interventions for victims of domestic violence. Social Work graduate programs find themselves under intense pressure to provide quality education covering many topics in a relatively short amount of time. As a result, schools do not always offer semester length classes on domestic violence. This study seeks to fill a gap in the literature by studying the experiential learning activity In Her Shoes that is often used for community education in the context of graduate social work classes. Results suggest that providing time limited interventions on the topic of domestic violence has potential to reduce student acceptance of domestic violence myths. However, time limited interventions do not appear to be effective at increasing student sense of professional efficacy. Recommendations for additional research as well as increased curriculum content on the subject of domestic violence are also included.


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domestic violence myths
domestic violence
in her shoes
professional efficacy
social work education


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