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A balance of design methodology for enterprise quality attribute consideration in System-of-Systems architecting

dc.contributor.authorNelson, Travis J., author
dc.contributor.authorBorky, John M., advisor
dc.contributor.authorSega, Ronald M., advisor
dc.contributor.authorBradley, Thomas K., committee member
dc.contributor.authorRoberts, Nicholas H., committee member
dc.description.abstractAn objective of System-of-Systems (SoS) engineering work in the Defense community is to ensure optimal delivery of operational capabilities to warfighters in the face of finite resources and constantly changing conditions. Assurance of enterprise-level capabilities for operational users in the Defense community presents a challenge for acquisitions in balancing multiple SoS architectures versus the more traditional system-based optimization. The problem is exacerbated by the complexity of SoS being realized by multiple, heterogeneous, independently-managed systems that interact to provide these capabilities. Furthermore, the comparison of candidate SoS architectures for selection of the design that satisfies the most enterprise-level objectives and how such decisions affect the future solution space lead to additional challenges in applying existing frameworks. As a result of the enormous challenge associated with enterprise capability development, this research proposes an enterprise architecting methodology leveraging SoS architecture data in the context of multiple enterprise-level objectives to enable the definition of candidate architectures for comparison and decision-making. In this context, architecture-based quality attributes of the enterprise (e.g., resilience, agility, changeability) must be considered. This research builds and extends previous SoS engineering work in the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop a process framework that can improve the analysis of architectural attributes within an enterprise. Certain system attributes of interest are quantified using selected Quality Attributes (QAts). The proposed process framework enables the identification of the quality attributes of interest as the desired characteristics to be balanced against performance measures. QAts are used to derive operational activities as well as design techniques for employment against an as-is SoS architecture. These activities and techniques are then mapped to metrics used to compare alternative architectures. These alternatives enable an SoS-based balance of design for performance and quality attribute optimization while employing a capability model to provide a comparison of available alternatives against overarching preferences. Approaches are then examined to analyze performance of the alternatives in meeting the enterprise capability objectives. These results are synthesized to enable an analysis of alternatives (AoA) to produce a "should-be" architecture vector based on a selected "to-be" architecture. A comparison of the vector trade space is discussed as a forward work in relation to the original enterprise level objectives for decision-making. The framework is illustrated using three case studies including a DoD Satellite Communications (SATCOM) case study; Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) case study; and a satellite operations "as-a-service" case study. For the SATCOM case study specifically, the question is considered of whether a certain QAt—resilience—can best be achieved through design alternatives of satellite disaggregation or diversification. The analysis shows that based on the metric mapping and design alternatives examined, diversification provides the greatest SATCOM capability improvement compared to the base architecture, while also enhancing resilience. These three separate cases studies show the framework can be extended to address multiple similar issues with system characteristics and SoS architecture questions for a wide range of enterprises.
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dc.format.mediumdoctoral dissertations
dc.publisherColorado State University. Libraries
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dc.subjectquality attribute
dc.subjectsystems engineering
dc.subjectdecision making
dc.subjectanalysis of alternatives
dc.subjectsystem of systems engineering
dc.titleA balance of design methodology for enterprise quality attribute consideration in System-of-Systems architecting
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