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Inspiring engagement through the user experience: a project with the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery




Gumerman, Lisa Joy, author
Switzer, Jamie, advisor
Seel, Pete, committee member
Troup, Lucy, committee member

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This project focused on user experience to create a plan for a web application that would increase engagement with the audience of a local museum. With the support of the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, the researcher performed user experience research to create an interactive feature on the museum's website that can showcase the experiences and history and science content the museum has to offer. The project was conducted using a human-centered design framework and focused on engagement and user experience. Activity theory and the user experience framework drove the method. The process started with five stakeholder interviews, then proceeded to four observation sessions, five personas, and rounds of prototyping and testing. The final deliverable to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery was a project plan - including specific design, content and technology recommendations resulting from research and development - they can use to implement the web application on their currently existing site to increase engagement and their audience size.


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activity theory
user experience
human-centered design


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