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Watershed management concerns in general plan formulation for regional governments




Diederich, William Dean, author
Held, R. Burnell, advisor
Dyer, Archie A., committee member
Doehring, Donald O., committee member

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Most city, county, and regional planners are more comfortable with discussing urban/suburban related issues than natural resource issues. The reason is due to the education planners receive. Eventually, counties and regions, and cities with large open areas, will have to plan for the managed production of all resources as they become scarcer. This paper addresses the watershed basin as an area that should be managed for its most important product: water. The paper attempts to show the planner the basics of watershed management, methods to include watershed management in general plans, and concepts of water law that affect ownership of watershed water. Discussion departs from the traditional approach of watershed management planning for regional economic development and soil erosion control to focus on the watershed as a resource producer.


1982 Fall.

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Watershed management
Regional planning


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