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Measurement of νμ induced charged current inclusive cross section on water using the near detector of the T2K experiment




Das, Rajarshi, author
Toki, Walter, advisor
Wilson, Robert, committee member
Berger, Bruce, committee member
Menoni, Carmen, committee member

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The Tokai to Kamioka (T2K) Experiment is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment located in Japan with the primary goal to measure precisely multiple neutrino flavor oscillation parameters. An off-axis muon neutrino beam peaking at 600 MeV is generated at the JPARC facility and directed towards the 50 kiloton Super-Kamiokande (SK) water Cherenkov detector located 295 km away. Measurements from a Near Detector that is 280m downstream of the neutrino beam target are used to constrain uncertainties in the beam flux prediction and neutrino interaction rates. We present a selection of inclusive charged current neutrino interactions on water. We used several sub-detectors in the ND280 complex, including a Pi-Zero detector (P0D) that has alternating planes of plastic scintillator and water bag layers, a time projection chamber (TPC) and fine-grained detector (FGD) to detect and reconstruct muons from neutrino charged current events. We use a statistical subtraction method with the water-in and water-out inclusive selection to extract a flux-averaged, νμ induced, charged current inclusive cross section. We also outline the evaluation of systematic uncertainties. We find an absolute cross section of ⟨σ⟩Φ = (6.37 ± 0.157(stat.) (−1.060/+0.910(sys.)) × 10−39 (cm2/H2O nucleon). This is the first νμ charged current inclusive cross section measurement on water.


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