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Two-dimensional block diagonal LMS adaptive filtering




Pan, Hongye, author
Azimi-Sadjadi, Mahmood R., author
IEEE, publisher

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This paper is concerned with the development of a two-dimensional (2-D) adaptive filters using the block diagonal least mean squared (BDLMS) method. In this adaptive filtering scheme the image is scanned and processed block by block in a diagonal fashion, and the filter weights are adjusted once per block rather than once per pixel. The diagonal scanning is adopted to avoid the problems inherent in the 1-D standard scanning schemes and to account for the correlations in two directions. The weight updating equation for 2-D BDLMS is derived and the convergence properties of the algorithms are investigated. Simulation results that indicate the effectiveness of the 2-D BDLMS when used for image enhancement, estimation, and detection applications are presented.


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adaptive filters
convergence of numerical methods
two-dimensional digital filters
image processing
filtering and prediction theory
least squares approximations


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