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Nolte, Andrew, author
Steensen, Sasha, advisor
Moseman, Eleanor, committee member
Cooperman, Matthew, committee member
Didier, John C., committee member

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Press is a poetic manuscript and symbolic ode to the author's complex relationships with his beloved and the design element of typography. Titled Press in part for the definition of typography as well as the action of early letterpresses, Press has two distinct sections. Part one explores the rush of newness and exploration within any creative relationship, while part two looks at the domestic and comforting warmth of the familiar. Both sections deal with a physical, emotional, and psychological space shared with the beloved and the page from the reader's perspective. The poems within each section represent the building of for mentioned relationships and are broken up by fragments, which represent the particles floating in between each print of a letterpress, with each print representing a poem, and the fragments slightly changing and distressing them to make them honest, original, and real.


2011 Fall.

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