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Overview of the ASTEX data collected at Porto Santo




Levy, R., author
Randall, D., author
Schubert, W., author

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The purpose of this paper is to try to "make a story" out of some of the ASTEX observations of 1 to 28 June, 1992. This paper will concentrate on observations from the rawinsonde, ceilometer, microwave radiometer, solar pyranometer, and 8 mm radar, as well as visual observa­tions. The ceilometer, radiometer and pyranometer data have been grouped together in two-minute intervals throughout the whole month. The 203 balloon soundings were launched approximately every three hours. All forms of data have been fitted together in "time-windows" of one hour width (around the sonde launch time} in order to get a clear picture of what was going on. Most of this paper is in the form of tables and pictures.


September 1993.

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Weather -- Madeira -- Porto Santo -- Observations
Meteorology -- Madeira -- Porto Santo


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