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"Of a vale"




Rice, Kylan, author
Beachy-Quick, Dan, advisor
Steensen, Sasha, advisor
Harrow, Del, committee member

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Of a Vale uses the form of the poetic Bildungsroman to account for the formation of a poetic and a subjectivity, all while staying aware of the stakes, limits, and implications of the generic framework that it operates within, as well as the ways that all frameworks become generic, genetic. In five parts, each containing narratives of the development of a speaking subject, of a poetic consciousness, and of an erotogenic body, this manuscript tries to engage with and subvert mythic accounts of the "I." As Dan Beachy-Quick once noted of Of a Vale, this book traces "a coming into consciousness in the medium of that consciousness." Becoming conscious of its medium, this book takes the media of consciousness to be pre-given; that is, it takes the media of consciousness to be the word, the world, and the body. Each of these entities is constructive of, but wholly exterior to, the Self. Thus, the medium of consciousness lies outside the consciousness. Here, in Of a Vale, I seek some way to think my way back into feeling, back into a "global nonverbal experience." Here, I try to think past thinking. I try to hold out a living hand. I try to hold a living hand.


2017 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.

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lyric poetry


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