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Measurement of the spatial coherence buildup in a discharge pumped table-top soft x-ray laser




Rocca, Jorge J., author
Benware, B. R., author
Moreno, C. H., author
Chilla, J. L. A., author
Marconi, M. C., author
American Physical Society, publisher

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We have measured the variation of the spatial coherence with plasma column length in a saturated table-top 46.9-nm Ne-like Ar capillary discharge soft x-ray amplifier for lengths up to 16.4 cm. The measurements, which are in good agreement with time dependent wave-optics model computations, provide the first experimental evidence of a monotonic increase of the coherence with length in a soft x-ray amplifier. The variation of the coherence across the beam profile was also studied. Off axis, the coherence is larger in the tangential than in the radial direction.


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