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Ten years of SCADA data quality control and utilization for system management and planning modernization




Thoreson, Bryan, author
Mullins, Lindsay, author
Divine, Anisa, author
Davids, Grant, author
U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher

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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems can be used to collect the historical flow data that is needed to support good water management decisions; however, insufficient attention is typically given to data quality-control and storage. Initially driven by the unique requirement to verify water savings achieved by a water conservation program, the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) implemented a data warehouse with attendant quality-control and reporting applications as a SCADA data repository. Over the past 10 years, IID's Water Information System (WIS) has gained recognition for the benefits it now provides to ordinary operations, including reduced staff time, reduced reporting costs, improved data accuracy and overall improved water management. IID's SCADA system now includes 250 remote sites that feed data into the WIS. This paper briefly describes the IID WIS and the primary functions it currently supports pertaining to water conservation administration, support of daily operations, strategic analysis and data reporting. The quality control procedures for data management are presented, along with recently implemented improvements. Performance of quality-control algorithms is also discussed.


Presented at SCADA and related technologies for irrigation district modernization: a USCID water management conference on October 26-29, 2005 in Vancouver, Washington.

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