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Wilson, Eleanor, author
Sullivan, Patrice, advisor
Osborne, Erika, advisor
Kokoska, Mary-Ann, committee member
Doenges, Judy, committee member

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A longing for adventure is a component of human nature. The adventures that I am interested in are ones that can only exist in the realm of imagination. Fantasy has traditionally been a way to vicariously find that adventure. More recently, video games have allowed the player to become immersed in new worlds. Like video games, film, and fiction, my paintings also use imagery from fantasy worlds. A large portion of my work utilizes paradoxical humor through the juxtaposition of unlikely objects or settings and the anthropomorphization of inanimate objects that act as the protagonists in the stories the paintings tell. I incorporate aspects of interactivity into my pieces that allow the viewer to cross the line and become a participant in the piece. In my works, I try to highlight the limited nature of the world we live in versus the unlimited nature of imagination. To create imaginary worlds I use the art style of many games in the way I incorporate visual elements.


2014 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.

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