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Hurricanes make the best bouquets




Meyer, Eliana, author
Ausubel, Ramona, advisor
McConigley, Nina, committee member
Emami, Sanam, committee member

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Hurricanes Make the Best Bouquets is a collection of short stories which explores love, loss, isolation, inner strength, and the process and shape of forgiveness. These nine stories reimagine the domestic drama as a place where displaced men and women—mothers, daughters, sisters, divorcees and one widower—search for answers in decomposition, orange blossom perfume, and strange apparitions. From the top of a lighthouse to a Visalia Super 8 to a Salvation Army window display, the heartache these characters experience in the wake of abandonment, death, and self-discovery asks them to adapt to new realities and confront the meaning of home and belonging.


2023 Spring.

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