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Generation of highly ionized cadmium plasma columns for a discharge-pumped Nickel-like Cd laser




Rocca, Jorge J., author
Shlyaptsev, V. N., author
Gonzalez, J. J., author
Bowers, B., author
Tomasel, F. G., author
Frati, M., author
EDP Sciences, publisher

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We report the observation of strong line emission from Ni-like Cd ions in a capillary discharge plasma. Spectroscopically pure Cd vapor was produced in a room temperature environment utilizing a capacitive discharge. The metal vapor was injected into a capillary channel where it was subsequently excited with fast current pulses of up to 200 kA These results open the possibility of observing laser amplification in the 3d94d-394p line of Ni-like Cd at 13.2 nm and in laser lines of other Nickel-like ions in a discharge-created plasma.


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