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Hacia una poética emancipadora: la creación del future nuevo en la obra poética de Pablo Neruda, César Vallejo y Miguel Hernández




Devlin, Colin, author
Leal, Francisco, advisor
Pedrós-Gascón, Antonio, committee member
Velasco, Marcela, committee member

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This work has as its goal the investigation of the intersection where literature and politics crosses. This space is thought provoking because it represents a new function for art, an art that instead of concerning itself with the representation of beauty and what can be considered "good", it arms itself with a political end. This is to say, this literature tries to perturb the reality that defines the lives of the marginalized populations. Using the political philosophy of Jacques Rancière, a politics that can be defined by its activity instead of its passivity, as well as an introduction to the relationships within being, doing and saying, I argue that the political poems about the Spanish Civil War found in the work of Pablo Neruda, César Vallejo and Miguel Hernández succeed in being called political poetry. I advance that these poems, for having portrayed reality through a new language and for being militarized poetry, introduce a new relationship in what is implied by being a political poet.


2012 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.
Text in Spanish; title and abstract in English and Spanish.

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