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The ecosystem of ethics & support of big data

dc.contributor.authorTijerina, Bonnie, author
dc.contributor.authorSociety of Quality Assurance, publisher
dc.descriptionPresented at the National data integrity conference: data sharing: the how, why, when and when not to share held on June 2-3, 2016 at University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado. The National Data Integrity Conference is a gathering of people sharing new challenges and solutions regarding research data and integrity. This conference aims to provide attendees with both an understanding of data integrity issues and impart practical tools and skills to deal with them. Topics addressed will include data privacy, openness, policy, education and the impacts of sharing data, how to do it, when to do it, and when not to. Speakers and audience members come from diverse fields such as: Academic Research; Information Technology; Quality Assurance; Regulatory Compliance; Private Industry; Grant Funding; Government.
dc.descriptionBonnie Tijerina is a librarian, entrepreneur, and library community convener. She is founder and president of Electronic Resources & Libraries. Her work will create opportunities for education, debate, and discussion within the library profession around the increasingly complex concept of privacy in the digital world. Bonnie will be working closely with libraries to support user privacy and empower the general citizenry to make informed decisions about their data.
dc.descriptionPowerPoint presentation given on June 3, 2016.
dc.description.abstractResearch involving data has gotten more complicated in recent years. With corporate, governmental, and other externally collected sources of data on human behavior increasingly available as well as new concerns about collecting online data such as social media data, issues of privacy, ethics, and equitable access to data are popping up that technical researchers are not trained to manage. Systems currently in existence to help researchers navigate ethical concerns and new and emerging mandates can help with parts of the puzzle, yet many of the complex questions and tradeoffs are not best addressed by existing protocols. To surface emerging issues and potential support systems on university campuses, a team at Data & Society Research Institute interviewed computer science researchers, data scientists, graduate students, and librarians. They also mapped funder mandates, IRB trainings, and existing policies and protocols at professional associations. Bonnie Tijerina will talk about this project and broader issues of privacy and ethics emerging in other disciplines with the increased use of big data.
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dc.format.mediumPresentation slides
dc.publisherColorado State University. Libraries
dc.relation.ispartof2nd Annual National Data Integrity Conference (2016)
dc.relation.ispartofNational data integrity conference, 2016
dc.rights.licenseThis presentation is open access and distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
dc.subjectdata-centric society
dc.subjectconnected learning
dc.subjecthuman rights
dc.subjecthuman security
dc.titleThe ecosystem of ethics & support of big data
dc.title.alternativeThe ecosystem of ethics & support of big data research


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