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Plasma chemical driven biomedical applications with a radio frequency driven atmospheric pressure plasma jet




Choi, Myeong Yeol, author
Collins, George J., advisor
Hendrickson, Dean A., committee member
Notaros, Branislav, committee member
Watanabe, Masahiro, committee member

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We present radio frequency driven atmospheric pressure plasma jet for various biomedical applications such as tissue removal, bacterial sterilization, and tooth whitening. Two different types of plasma assisted electrosurgery, remote electrode plasma jet and plasma jet surrounding monopolar electrosurgical electrode, were employed to enhance tissue removal in terms of less heat damage on contiguous tissue and fast removal rate. Chlorine based chemical (CHxClx) additives in argon plasma jet enhanced tissue removal rate, proportional to the Cl radical density in the plasma jet. Pulsed RF provided another knob to control the removal profile, heat damage, and removal rate. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) additive provided abundant OH generation in the helium plasma jet. It not only enhanced tissue removal rate but also reduced heat damage on the contiguous tissue. The tissue removal mechanism of helium-H2O2 plasma is explained based on the FTIR measurement of the tissue samples, and optical emission and absorption spectra. Hydrogen peroxide addition to argon plasma jet was employed for bacterial inactivation. Observed OH density by optical emission and absorption was proportional to the number of deactivated microorganism. Argon plasma jet in DI water also provided abundant OH on the interface of water and gas plasma. The OH radicals applied on porcine tooth sample selectively removed the stain without damaging the underlying enamel.


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atmospheric pressure plasma
bacterial inactivation
radio frequency
tissue ablation
tooth whitening


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