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Object affordances in young children with Down syndrome




Norell, Caroline Ann, author
Fidler, Deborah J., advisor
MacPhee, David, committee member
Most, David E., committee member

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Young children with Down syndrome (DS) have limited exploration of their surroundings (Loveland, 1987). This may have long-term effects for the development of representations of object affordances in this population. This study aims to look at the relationship between developmental status and object affordance skills in young children with DS. The sample consisted of thirteen 1 to 4 year olds with DS. The Mullen Scales of Early learning served as the developmental measure, an object retrieval task and the Fewell play scales were used to assess object affordance skills. The results of the study indicate that a higher developmental status is highly correlated with increased exploration of objects. These results contribute to the overall field of information regarding DS, but specifically to interventions to aid in the development of object affordances.


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