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Comparative assessment of risk mitigation options for irrigated agriculture

dc.contributor.authorGollehon, Noel, author
dc.contributor.authorRoberts, Michael, author
dc.contributor.authorAillery, Marcel, author
dc.contributor.authorU.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher
dc.descriptionPresented during the USCID water management conference held on October 13-16, 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The theme of the conference was "Water rights and related water supply issues."
dc.description.abstractThe impact of reallocating water from historical agricultural uses to expanding non-agricultural uses depends crucially on how reallocation occurs. This paper examines the water reallocation problem from a Federal perspective, focusing on alternative instruments to indemnify or compensate irrigators in the event of reallocation. These include insurance strategies (crop insurance, direct payments, and new financial instruments such as tradable bonds), conservation initiatives, and market-based measures (buyouts, contingent markets, and water banks). Policy mechanisms differ in the level of compensation provided, capacity to address concerns of stakeholders, and reliance on Federal outlays. No clear "winner" emerges among the potential mechanisms to mitigate foregone irrigation returns. The merits of alternative mechanisms depend on the evaluation criteria considered, site-specific conditions, and current water institutions.
dc.description.sponsorshipProceedings sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Central Utah Project Completion Act Office and the U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage.
dc.format.mediumborn digital
dc.format.mediumproceedings (reports)
dc.publisherColorado State University. Libraries
dc.relation.ispartofAg Water Conservation Policy
dc.relation.ispartofWater rights and related water supply issues, October 13-16, 2004, Salt Lake City, Utah
dc.rightsCopyright and other restrictions may apply. User is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws. For information about copyright law, please see
dc.sourceContained in: Water rights and related water supply issues, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 13-16, 2004,
dc.titleComparative assessment of risk mitigation options for irrigated agriculture


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