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Cost savings associated with the Upper Colorado River Basin Endangered Fish Recovery Program, instream flows, and prospects for the future




Loomis, John, author
Ballweber, Jeff, author
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University, publisher

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This report investigates the role of instream flows as part of a program to protect and recover certain water-dependent endangered species. For the purposes of this report, instream flows are defined as non-consumptive, in-channel flows of water. We examined two case studies of endangered fish species programs that included instream flows, one on the upper Colorado River and one on the San Juan River. Cost savings with cooperative recovery programs are calculated. Scenarios involving increased instream flows are evaluated to estimate what the cost savings might be to water developers from additional instream flow appropriations and acquisitions by the Colorado Water Conservation Board.


November 15, 2010.

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Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program
Endangered species -- Colorado River Watershed (Colo.-Mexico)


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