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Environmental limitations on biomass production from Colorado's forests




Smith, Rocky, author

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Presented at the Can forests meet our energy needs? The future of forest biomass in Colorado conference, February 21, 2008, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.
Rocky Smith graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and moved to Colorado a few years later in 1975. He immediately became enthralled with the State's high mountains, and soon began to hike, climb, and ski on and around them. On a backpacking/climbing trip in 1979, he witnessed willful damage to wilderness resources. He soon volunteered with various organizations to work to protect the mountains he loved from abuse. He studied forestry, forest ecology, and land management planning procedures in order to become an effective advocate for protecting Colorado's wild lands. He worked as paid staff for the Colorado Mountain Club and the Colorado Environmental Coalition, and on his own as a private consultant. In 1998, he helped form Colorado Wild, for whom he still works.

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biomass production
environmental limitations


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