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Toward optimal water management in Colorado's Lower Arkansas River Valley: monitoring and modeling to enhance agriculture and environment




Garcia, Luis A., author
Gates, Timothy K., author
Labadie, John W., author
Colorado Water Resources Research Institute, publisher

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For several years, Colorado State University has been documenting flow and water quality conditions in Colorado's Lower Arkansas River Valley with the goal of providing data and models that water users and managers can use to enhance both agriculture and the environment in the Valley. Extensive measurements are being made in the field, and some previously gathered data are still undergoing analysis. Models of the irrigated stream-aquifer system are under development, calibration, and refinement. Potential strategies for improving conditions in the river valley are being formulated and investigated. Small-scale pilot testing of solutions are scheduled to begin during the summer of 2006. The results presented in this technical report are published as a benchmark to document completion of the first phase of this work. They also provide broad information in support of current decision making in the river valley and hopefully will stimulate feedback and discussion. Some of the information presented here is provisional since it is still undergoing refinement and expansion.


Edition 1.0 June 2006.

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Watershed management -- Arkansas River Valley
Water-supply, Agricultural -- Arkansas River Watershed
Environmental monitoring -- Arkansas River Watershed
Arkansas River Valley


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