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Falling unfolded silhouette: a poem




Moore, Richard Owen, author
Beachy-Quick, Dan, advisor
Steensen, Sasha, advisor
Lehene, Marius, committee member

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The work of my thesis seeks to formally enact my poetic. My poetry is a way of interrelating awareness, language and nature. The trajectory of my thesis is an amorphous vision that develops the language in which I think, and in turn speak of the environments in which I've been. It is a vision of the dynamic force between things. It interweaves by creating relationships--it is meditation that is also mediation. It is a poetry that seeks to strengthen the fabric of interdependency. It recognizes the existence of non-human things and their ineluctable value. It is a poetic that attempts to enact an amorphous form of awareness--one that shifts as it speaks, and thus lives--in a language that is aware of itself as the unique utterance of a universal tone. Thus, a collection of poems.


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