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Towards interactive betweenness centrality estimation for transportation network using capsule network




Matin, Abdul, author
Pallickara, Sangmi Lee, advisor
Pallickara, Shrideep, committee member
Bhaskar, Aditi S., committee member

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The node importance of a graph needs to be estimated for many graph-based applications. One of the most popular metrics for measuring node importance is betweenness centrality, which measures the amount of influence a node has over the flow of information in a graph. However, the computation complexity of calculating betweenness centrality is extremely high with large- scale graphs. This is especially true when analyzing the road networks of states with millions of nodes and edges, making it infeasible to calculate their betweenness centrality (BC) in real- time using traditional iterative methods. The application of a machine learning model to predict the importance of nodes provides opportunities to address this issue. Graph Neural Networks (GNNs), which have been gaining popularity in recent years, are particularly well-suited for graph analysis. In this study, we propose a deep learning architecture RoadCaps to estimate the BC by merging Capsule Neural Networks with Graph Convolutional Networks (GCN), a convolution operation based GNN. We target the effective aggregation of features from neighbor nodes to approximate the correct BC of a node. We leverage patterns capturing the strength of the capsule network to effectively estimate the node level BC from the high-level information generated by the GCN block. We further compare the model accuracy and effectiveness of RoadCaps with the other two GCN-based models. We also analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of RoadCaps for different aspects like scalability and robustness. We perform one empirical benchmark with the road network for the entire state of California. The overall analysis shows that our proposed network can provide more accurate road importance estimation, which is helpful for rapid response planning such as evacuation during wildfires and flooding.


Includes bibliographical references.
2022 Fall.

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big data
evacuation route planning
road importance
capsule network
betweeness centrality


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