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Influence of electron collisions inside the cathode sheath upon the electron energy spectrum in the negative glow region of a gas discharge




Collins, George J., author
Meyer, Jack D., author
Yu, Zengqi, author
Fetzer, Gregory J., author
Shi, B., author
IEEE, publisher

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Computer models have been developed to solve the Boltzmann equation for the electron energy spectrum in both the cathode sheath and the negative glow region of a glow discharge. Electron collisions occurring during acceleration inside the cathode sheath partially determine the structure of the electron energy distribution measured in the negative glow. The relative role of elastic, excitation, and ionization collisions are examined using the computer model. Good qualitative agreement was obtained between calculated electron energy distributions and previous experimental measurements both at the sheath-plasma interface as well as in the negative glow region of the discharge.


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Boltzmann equation
discharges (electric)
plasma sheaths
plasma collision processes


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