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A parametric classification of directed acyclic graphs




Chaturvedi, Mmanu, author
McConnell, Ross M., advisor
Kirby, Michael J., committee member
Rajopadhye, Sanjay V., committee member
Oprea, Iuliana, committee member

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We consider four NP-hard optimization problems on directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), namely, max clique, min coloring, max independent set and min clique cover. It is well-known that these four problems can be solved in polynomial time on transitive DAGs. It is also known that there can be no polynomial O(n1-ϵ)-approximation algorithms for these problems on the general class of DAGs unless P = NP. We propose a new parameter, β, as a measure of departure from transitivity for DAGs. We define β to be the number of vertices in a longest path in a DAG such that there is no edge from the first to the last vertex of the path, and 2 if the graph is transitive. Different values of β define a hierarchy of classes of DAGs, starting with the class of transitive DAGs. We give a polynomial time algorithm for finding a max clique when β is bounded by a fixed constant. The algorithm is exponential in β, but we also give a polynomial β-approximation algorithm. We prove that the other three decision problems are NP-hard even for β ≥ 4 and give polynomial algorithms with approximation bounds of β or better in each case. Furthermore, generalizing the definition of quasi-transitivity introduced by Ghouilà-Houri, we define β-quasi-transitivity and prove a more generalized version their theorem relating quasi-transitive orientation and transitive orientation.


2017 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.

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graph theory


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