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Manley, Julia, artist

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The artist's statement: In the conceptualization of this body of work I want the viewer to experience that sense of distress. I wanted the space to be reminiscent of time and decay. I sought to manipulate domestic spaces by the layering of paper and the peeling back of these layers to reveal the drawings; to create that sensation that time has passed and things are no longer the way they might have been. By doing this I have revealed the darker side of the domestic, a side I and many others try to cover up and avoid. The paper is a great addition to this series of work. I began by drawing on either the drywall itself, or the first layer of paper. I would draw images that represented the domestic (or home) as well as alternating hand positions (my representation of the figure). I choose hands that appear to belong to a child because I felt that alternate side of the domestic really revolves around well-being and safety...nurturing or lack thereof. I then would cover the drawings with more layers of paper and keep building up texture on these layers. Once hidden, I took a box knife and cut into the layers and would dig into the dry wall and peel away. I would remove strips of paper and sections of drywall and create these wounds on the surface of the drawings. Not all of the images would be revealed. I would keep the majority of them fragmented still trying to conceal these uncomfortable truths regarding our domestic spaces. The size is of these works I feel is appropriate because it keeps the drawing intimate but still approachable and explorable. The series contains hints of self-reflection, but progress and develop into something much more than that. The emphasis became that of the texture and less about the drawings themselves though I do feel that they are a vital part of the works. The drawings also help guide the viewer into and through the pieces just like the color did in my previous series (Uncomfortable Familiarities). My work itself uses traditional drawings of the human form but in very new ways so express more personal concepts.


2013 Spring.
Colorado State University Art Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, and images of works.

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