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Irrigation management transfer to water user organizations in Turkey




Eroglu, Veysel, author
Özlü, Hasan, author
U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher

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Supplying irrigation water is very important in dry or semi dry areas like Turkey in order to produce sufficient agricultural production for the country. The main task is to manage irrigation system developed by government properly. Like in many countries, irrigation projects have been developed and managed by government organization in past several decades. In 1990s, government changed the policy concerning the management of irrigations and participatory approach has been adopted in the country Up to present, Turkey developed slightly more than half of its total potential irrigable area (8.5 million ha). Taking part in the management responsibility of irrigation schemes, users organized as Water Users Organization (WUO) and took the responsibility of the management from the central government. The logic behind the transfer is to enable efficiency in terms of cost of Operation and Maintenance and higher quality of service in irrigation water distribution. This was to be achieved by the participation of water users. After a decade from the transfer we may conclude that Water User Organizations are managing the system quite well and their performance is highly satisfied.


Presented during the Third international conference on irrigation and drainage held March 30 - April 2, 2005 in San Diego, California. The theme of the conference was "Water district management and governance."

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