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The residents




Heins, Kaitlin, author
Levy, EJ, advisor
Alexander, Ruth, committee member
Becker, Leslee, committee member

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The Residents is a collage horror novel that follows Robbie, a wilderness ranger in Aspen, as she is mourns the death of her partner, Evie, and is haunted by her in their previously-shared home. Robbie's perspective on class, nature, and sexuality informs her memories of Evie and their relationship. When Evie's brother, Dylan, comes to stay with Robbie in Aspen, offering to help Robbie put the house on the market, Robbie suspects that he has other motives even as he helps her move past her grief, guilt, and rage. This story considers the damaging impact of humans on both natural and human terrain. It explores grief and culpability in respect to a dying partner and a dying planet. It uses the trope of body horror to explore self-destruction, anorexia, and sexuality.


2017 Fall.

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